New Dog Paperwork

Owners are required to provide proof of current vaccinations, or results of a titer test showing immune system coverage (distemper, parvovirus & rabies). Bordatella Vaccinations are OPTIONAL IF DOG RECIVES ORAL VERSION OF THIS VACCINE HE/ SHE MUST STAY OUT OF THE FACILITY FOR 10 DAYS.
We, at Paws Plaza, strive to care for your dog in the cleanest, healthiest environment possible, but just like in a child's school environment, sometimes illness and accidents happen. By typing first and last name, and emailing the form below, you acknowledge that we will do our best to keep your dog safe and healthy and also hold us harmless from illness and/or accidents regarding your dog.
In the event of an emergency, if all reasonable attempts to contact your primary veterinarian are unsuccessful, Paws Plaza reserves the right to transport your dog to an emergency veterinarian.