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  Highest quality raw, dried, and canned food with free advice!
  Full selection of tasty ingestible chewies and raw bones
  Trainer-tested & recommended equipment and supplies


Raw Food doesn’t need to be expensive.

Don’t pay $8 per pound for raw dog food – We want every pet parent to afford the health miracle of Raw Food!

Our wide variety of quality products illustrates the fact that we research carefully and endorse the products we sell – leashes, kibbles, or toys — that provide the most optimal comfort, health, and enrichment that the dog industry makes available.

FEATURING Raw Food for Dogspug-raw-food-dog-paws-plaza

We are advocates of the raw food diet and are available to answer any questions! 

We have a huge variety of raw food, several brands of complete diets, which include veggies + ground bone to promote anal sak health, plus fun bones designed by nature to clean your dog’s teeth. A variety of protein sources include:  sheep, beef, fish, elk, venison, chicken, turkey, buffalo and yak. Awesome large bones sold in bulk at a per bone price. Selections vary. We have some great books on feeding raw as well!

Small dogs owners Robin & Sheri have decades of experience feeding small dogs and cats a raw food diet.

Ask us how to spend less money in vet bills and enjoy a pet with growing good health.


Paws Plaza HOMEMADE dog treats: Chicken snaps, meaty jerky, and crunchy chews – Made in House!
Specials on raw food change weekly!  Check in regularly and save money!

SOME OF BRANDS THAT WE CARRY include, but are not limited to: