Services We Offer

Our mission is to help your dog have the most fulfilling life possible
through socialization, life skills, training, and owner education.
A well-rounded dog gets to do it all!

Dog Daycare and Overnights

We offer your pets safe, comfortable daycare and overnights under 24/7 supervision


Our passionate team of pet hair stylists is happy to make your loved animal look pretty

Pet Supplies

Get the best pet accessories in our store to take care of your pet and make it happy

Dog Training – Clever Canines

Taking care of pets is not just what we do, that’s what we love and passionate about

Raw Food Diet

We are advocates of the raw food diet and are available to answer any questions! We have a huge variety of raw food, for fun and for ingestion

Puppy School

If you’re considering getting a pet, we will guide you on how to make his life comfortable

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