Do you ever wish your dog were a better listener? That he would grasp once and for all which behaviors you enjoy and which you’d rather never see again?

The trick is to speak his language. Put a stop to frustrating behavior like barking, jumping, digging and pulling on leash, and do it in a way that makes him love you even more.

Clever Canines at Paws Plaza, we use only positive reinforcement training – a dog friendly, fun, and effective method based on leading-edge behavioral science. We’ll show you how to teach your dog everything from long-distance stays and bullet-proof recall to polite greetings of stranger and exquisite at-home manners. With our innovative, easy-to-follow training tips, you’ll find yourself living with a calm, happy, and attentive dog.

Our specialty-and passion-is puppies and newly-adopted dogs. We take a proactive approach, helping you to raise and cultivate a fabulous dog from day one instead of waiting for problems to arise. Also call us for expert pre-adoption counseling to make sure you know exactly what kind of dog will be right for you, your family, and your lifestyle.


We offer:

PRIVATE TRAINING: $100/hour (First Private session is $175 include interview and training approximately 1.5 – 2 hours)

One-on-one training both in your home or out of the house (at the dog park or elsewhere). This training is customized to achieve your personal goals with your dog.

BOARD & TRAIN: $150/day – Daycare & Overnight stay included

Why just board your dog while you’re on vacation? Use this opportunity to have your dog refine unwanted behaviors and learn some new tricks!

TRAINING – while in daycare: $25/30 min

Utilize Training & Grooming while in daycare! 

LOOSE LEASH DOG WALK – while in daycare: $5/15 min or $10/30 min


Positive Reinforcement Training

Until recently, dog training has focused on the human-dog relationship in such terms as dominance, discipline and punishment. Dogs, like all living organisms, are just trying to get through the day accessing as many pleasant things as possible, while avoiding the unpleasant.

Gaining control of the pleasant (reinforcers) in a dog’s life is a means of behavioral control that is as effective as methods which administer pain and startle.

Dog owners are victims of the lack of correct and accessible science-based information about dogs. The range of misinformation based on some trainers’ opinions can have consumers confused and feeling desperate or frustrated.

Imagine if the same range and quality of information existed about cars. People might be told by “experts” to never change the oil, change the oil daily, or replace the oil with lemon juice!

It is little wonder why pet owners are confused. Despite this spotty history of militaristic and old fashioned training methods of the past, pet dog training and behavior counseling is coming of age through the use of positive reinforcement methods.

By providing you with the ability to more clearly understand how dogs learn, what motivates their behavior and how to trade access to all the good stuff for behaviors you expect, you can accelerate your dog’s learning.

About Our Trainers:

Clever Canines at Paws Plaza, we all passionate about understanding the language of dogs. Our goal is to help people live happily and peacefully with our companions. Jean Donaldson, founder of the world renowned San Francisco The Academy for Dog Trainers and author of The Culture Clash and many other books is our mentor.


“Let me tell you that after several months of living in fear and loneliness, I adopted a dog, Roxy. I wanted a middle-sized, adult female who was “trained.” What I got was a 60-pound adult, puppy-like female who was sweet but powerful and uncontrollably energetic. She was soooo happy to see you; she practically stood on you and if she bolted, you got whiplash. Then along came Robin! Now Roxy is a sweet, nearly perfectly behaved companion!
— Donna

“We were aftraid to walk our four-year-old dog, Cuba, where there was the potential to meet other dogs, because of her dog aggressive behavior. However, after some focused dog training with Robin, our dog, Cuba, can go anywhere! She also learned to walk on a leash without pulling, come when called, and stay. It has made our life with our dog more enjoyable and a lot less stressful. Now, we feel free to go for hikes and take her to the dog park. Most importantly, the sessions taught us how to communicate with Cuba so that we teach her positive behavior even when Robin is not around.”
— Andrea and Fredric

“I couldn’t have done it without her. She came to my house to show me how to train my new puppy in my own surroundings. It’s much better than a group environment. In just a few sessions, Frances Kipper was doing sit, down, stay, high five, and leave the cat alone!”
— Cheryl

Clever Canines

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